Emma and spinner dating

She has evolved from a good, simple character to a complex one over the course of the series; since season 1, she was a fairly undramatic character, having only a few dramatic experiences, until in season 4 when she was held at gunpoint by classmate Rick Murray. Breaking the Nelson women's multi-generational cycle of unplanned teen-age motherhood and beautician careers, Emma graduates from high school having never been pregnant (despite a momentary scare) and is bound for university.Emma is considered the protagonist of the show's first seven seasons, her appearances became less frequent as she left Degrassi, and a new group of students became the focus.

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Jay's mother died when he was young and he lost touch with his dad after he made a scene at the wedding between his dad and his third step-mom.you can email me your comments and I will post them here too. She's managed to survive losing her BFF, anya, becoming poor, having a mean blog: I hate holly j., posted about her, and being held at gunpoint. They, both had a liking for spinner, were at least once captains of the spirit squad, have their own little circle of friends, and show confidence in every move they make. Let's see, in season 3 he got Manny pregnant and cheated on Ashley. Next in season 4, he stole Joey's credit card, destroyed a hotel room, crashed a wedding, went off his bipolar medicine and wandered the streets. Season 5, left everyone at home and dropped out of degrassi to become a famous singer. Season 6, Used cocaine and blamed it on Manny, lied to Ellie by saying he loved her. But I have to keep it fair and tell stuff that happened in other seasons too. Nothing big really happened in that season, well besides emma, liberty, manny, and toby graduate high school.DEGRASSIS QUEEN BEEE THROUGHOUT ITS YEARSDegrassi's most known queen bee is Paige Michalchuk. She wasn't exactley mean, but cunning, like all queen bees are. These girls ruled degrassi, paige, then Holly J., and then who will take the next throne? Craig Manning, the stepson of Joey, half-brother of Angela, the lead singer of Downtown Sasquatch, recent lover of Ellie Nash, the kid diagnosed with bipolar in degrassi, and the biggest hearthrob of degrassi. In degrassi goes hollywood he tricked Ellie into falling in love with him, but then introduced her to his girlfriend, then he told her he loved her. So, craig hasn't been the most reliable, honest, calm, carring, sober, and best decision maker. So, I am sorry if I offended anyone by saying that, but I have to state my opinion, that's what a blogs for, right?? Was there anything really worth watching in season 7? *Jimmy said in a baby voice mockingly.*Spinner: What ever! Hear she picked up any new guys at some parties lately.*Jimmy shakes his head*Jimmy: Low blow. Ellie: Hey we've got something in common.[During Mr.

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