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Grew up listening to Cosby's records, gut bustin' funny characterizations.I never would have thought he ever did anything like what these women are accusing him of doing.I have never seen more bad advice tailored to young women telling them 27 things to turn him on in bed and never once asking, “What do you want? ” They’re telling you to look really hot in those high heels but never asking you, “Do you even want to wear high heels to begin with? ” _____ [More from Jasbina] — [INTERVIEW] Marla Martenson Interview – Insights on Matchmaking & Dating _____ I think young women are most susceptible to being confused because they’re not listening to themselves. If you could trust yourself early in the game, you would have 30 years on me. Given the fact some women are attracted to fame and money like a moth to light ...

This is given all the challenges that you mentioned. When I was single, my friends tried to constantly give me advice. Now they give advice to each other and everyone else around them, but I wish they’d all just stop. In all honesty, they have no business giving advice on a subject they truly don’t anything about. They want to live some fairytale fantasy where guys put up with anything they do and still treat them like princesses, but that’s unrealistic. These are guys I would never even consider dating casually, let alone being in a relationship with them. I’m looking for real connections with a decent guy who doesn’t obsess over being “the man” to all his bros. I don’t know where they find these guys because I can spot multiple red flags from the very first time I meet them. It’s some crazy logic I just can’t get behind, and it’s definitely not working for them. I never wanted just any guy, I wanted the guy, and that’s what they don’t get. I want to focus on one guy at a time so that I can figure out if I really like someone and they get a real chance with me. He’s the man of my dreams, but if I’d listened to them, he would have run for the hills a long time ago.I love my friends, but they give terrible dating advice that no one in their right mind should follow. All I ever wanted is an equal partner and that’s exactly what I found… Some of my friends are relationship hoppers while others have never even had a serious relationship to speak of. I’ve never wanted to date the big man on top because I could never stand to be around that kind of ego. I love my girls, but they all have a serious problem with falling for players. Men want to be appreciated just like women do, but my friends don’t realize that.When you’re confused, the best thing you can do is to quit listening to everything that anyone is saying and check in with yourself. If the impulse tells you to go with it, follow it, because that’s where the magic is. You will start to calibrate that ultimate wisdom, which is your authentic self talking to you.

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