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RELATED: 8 TV Shows and Specials to Watch in December GGB: At the end of the day we’re trying to give people a broad-strokes depiction of the music world too.

LK: Sure, but most importantly, it’s about making art.

When Lola Kirke was in middle school in the early 2000s, she bypassed boy-band idolatry and specifically set her sights on a Mexican actor having his breakout moment in films like Y Tu Mamá También and The Motorcycle Diaries: Gael García Bernal.

“I had a schoolgirl crush on him in eighth grade,” the now-26-year-old says with a laugh.

In a photo with Stewart and friend and frequent collaborator Alejandro González Iñárritu that was taken at Telluride on Saturday, Bernal was not wearing a wedding ring (though of course it's not immediately clear whether he was in the habit of wearing one prior to his split).

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21: Director Gael Garcia Bernal from the film 'Revolucion' pose for a portrait during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2010 in Cannes, France.

"Vanessa was whispering in Gael's ear and flirting with him all night at the party after the show," the snoop adds.

I don’t think either of them wants to sacrifice the artistic bond, and I’m happy I get to play that out onscreen. VIDEO: On Set With Lola Kirke GGB: Do you think it’s hard to create similarly meaningful male-female friendships in real life? Gael García Bernal and wife Dolores Fonzi have reportedly separated after nearly five years of marriage. News on Tuesday that Bernal, who attended the 2014 Telluride Film Festival this past weekend week, has been telling people that he and Fonzi had split up and that he was dividing his time between his native Mexico and Argentina, where she lives with their two children.An Argentine-born actress, Fonzi first met Bernal on the set of the 2001 film The 35-year-old actor stars in the based-on-a-true-story drama as Maziar Bahari, a London-based journalist who was imprisoned for 100 days in Iran and subjected to brutal interrogations after he was accused of being a spy. The way you smile, were you speaking from experience? where you're talking to a prison guard about, of all things, sexual massage parlors.

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    While he fully embraced the opportunity it offered him, over time he began to experience firsthand how his artistic nature was being stifled and his music viewed as a commodity that was sold for a specific price.

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