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The purpose of the version, both the text and notes, was to uphold Catholic tradition in the face of the Protestant Reformation which up till then had overwhelmingly dominated Elizabethan religion and academic debate.

As such it was an impressive effort by English Catholics to support the Counter-Reformation. The Old Testament volumes were reprinted in 1635 but neither thereafter for another hundred years.

The Old Testament portion was published in two volumes twenty seven years later in 1609 & 1610 by the University of Douai.

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Nevertheless, the estimates of a thus derived are close to the values obtained with the standard technique.

The discrepancy between the ultrasonic and seismic estimates of a can be explained by physical velocity dispersion.

Formal equivalence translation of the Jerome Vulgate compared with Hebrew and Greek sources for accuracy. (DRA) ) (also known as the Rheims–Douai Bible or Douai Bible, and abbreviated as D–R and DV) is a translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English made by members of the English College, Douai, in the service of the Catholic Church.

Subsequent editions use the Sixto-Clementine Vulgate. Used as interlinear bibles in diglots for the respective Vulgate versions. And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters. The New Testament portion was published in Reims, France, in 1582, in one volume with extensive commentary and notes.

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