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Some original-English dating sims include Sim Girls, In a typical dating sim, the player controls a male avatar surrounded by female characters.The gameplay involves conversing with a selection of girls, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct choices of dialogue.Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised. (That includes impatience) Again, the game needs work! thank you :3 You are a new, cool pony in town from cloudsdale, that takes a seat in ponyville.You may meet new friends, and maybe fall in love....(Will contain UB, AV, soft vore and some scattish scenes)" "You will decide how the story of Cassidy, a young vixen huntress, ends.Will she slay the Werewolf King, or will she end up a meal for one of the sinister creatures that roam the forests at night? " "A IS based on various characters and situations in the Legend of Zelda series. ^^ This will contain a good variety of stuff, but no cock, anal or unbirth, please.with characters taken from an actually larger dating sim...

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At first it was to see if someone wanted to help making a game, but this ended up being kinda fun to make.

But we all saw what happened to those who were developing "MLP: Fighting is Magic" the video game... Quick question though: Why is Twilight's skin darker in the picture of her in the circle?

I gotta say, if it werent for Hasbro's tight copyrights, I'd be developing a MLP: Dating Sim right now! I totally thought this was a screenshot of some game you were involved in making, so you did quite well!

If an MLP dating sim game -were- in development, and it was quality, I would -so- drop bucks on that... I'm debating it, but I might revisit this piece and animate it to look like a clip taken from what would look like game-play, making twi move her lips as if to talk, blink, cursor movement, window appearance and fade-out... Everything drawn from scratch, made with a crap-ton of layers, and as always with -LOVE-!!! Who knows what the future holds, something like this may come to light... I didn't mean anything like that, my grades are fine, I just though I could... As for twis skin, yes the shading is a bit different since the full scale twi is in a different lit enviro.

I can say that in just a year's time that I've learned so much, I can only wonder what a few more would put under my 'digital artsist belt', heh. I see you all the time in the library, with nobody around. Well, it isn't my strongest subject, but I'm learning about relationships; to study the nature and social habits of friends and lovers. Ive seen pics where she had more olive colored tones, and for some reason that stuck more with me. :3Imma change up the selections a bit to suit a more realistic encounter.

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