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It seemed like she was well-prepared to take this on as a job, just from her personality, her mindset." For Savage, Hornak's co-director felt strongly about showing Jessie's profession as progressive, even positive.

"It bothers me when people say that it's shameful," Savage says.

She knows exactly how much to reveal and exactly what to keep to herself," Hornak says.

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"There's the documentary aspect of needing to have some sort of like, conflict, in this story structure.

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"It was a running joke during the shoot that I was going to make her cry, and I wasn't able to," Hornak says.

"I tried to get into the really dark elements, but she was very self-aware and so well-adjusted and had already dealt with the negative aspect of it, and she was fine with it. It was kind of like she was playing a trick on everyone." He adds, "At the end of the day she was totally aware of the societal implications of it and just didn't give a fuck.

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